About us

Budaventura Travel is an incoming tour operator in Central Europe since 1993.

During these more than 2 decades of existence we have received groups from more than 60 countries all over the world. However, over and above the ’general’ touristic programmes and packages we specialize in thematic tours (cultural, professional, gastronomical, in nature, etc.) in the last 14 years organizing European roundtrips, music tours and wine tours became the most important elements of our field of activity.

During these years we learned and gained experience of how we can perfectly organize your wine tour in Central Europe. Thanks to the wide spread professional relationships, we have established good contacts with suppliers, professional agencies, wineries and cultural institutions in Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Italy, Poland and Germany,  which allow you to lean back, and entrust the complex organizational tasks to us.

A Budaventura Travel egy 1993 óta fennálló Közép-európai beutaztató utazásszervező.

Ezalatt a több, mint két évtized alatt a világ több, mint 60  országából fogadtunk vendégeket. “Általános” turisztikai ajánlat-csomagjaink mellett tematikus utakra szakosodtunk (szakmai-, vallási-, gasztronómiai, stb.), és az utóbbi 14 évben az európai zenei-, és borturisztikai körutak is a specialitásunkká váltak. 

Az időközben szerzett tapasztalatok révén kikristályosodtak ismereteink, és kiterjedtek kapcsolataink Közép-Európa szerte utazási irodákkal, borászatokkal és kulturális intézményekkel Magyarországon, Ausztriában, Csehországban, Szlovákiában, Olaszországban, Németországban, és Szlovéniában, így mindenütt komplex szolgáltatásokat tudunk nyújtani.

Our Board Team

Director and owner

Hello, My name is Endre, I am the director and the founder of Budaventura. I am not only a travel expert (I have more than 40 years of experience in tourism) but also a professor (I taught for decades at ELTE University) This allows me to handle student groups not only as a tour organizer, but also as a teacher, so I can understand and cooperate with the staff who is leading the group. I am proud of the team I am working with. Personally I have 3 children, one  is a pop-musician. I like jazz, good wines and sport acitivities: cycling, sailing and waterpolo. You can speak with me in Italian, English and German.


Hi, I am Judit. I got my degree at University of Szeged on Faculty of Arts and later I studied tourism in University of Pécs. I love to invent and prepare new and tailor-made programs and to show hidden, local treasures to our clients. I speak Finnish and English, I often work also as tourguide and it is always a great pleasure for me when I see our guests enjoying their tours.
After my work I like to listen to music ( I played the violin ), I like reading, enjoying arts and I like also running.


Hi, I am Rita. I am here since 2011. I studied at The College of Commerce, Catering and Tourism, and speak German and English. I am rarely sad, I think exactitude, helpfulness and a smile can arrange everything. Many say that I am the happiest member of the team, and they are not wrong. ????  I like Budapest very much, the bustling  city life, always looking for new, interesting programs.  I am proud of the musical culture of my country. I played piano, so I can read music well.
I am dedicated to making the group’s stay unforgettable, when they go back to their country and say to their friends: “Wow! It was awesome! Hungary is great, you have to go there and see it yourself!”


Hi, I am Ildikó, I used to work for decades as a manager assistant in international firms. Nowadays I am responsible for the marketing activity of BUDAVENTURA TRAVEL. Spoken languages: English, French, and Roumanian.


Hi, I am Edit, with some thirty years experience in the tourism business. As a retired, I work in part time. My specialities are Italian and German speaking markets.

Representative in North – America

I am a Hungarian-Canadian travel professional, living in Montreal, Canada. I am a graduate of the prestigious, Montreal-based travel school, College April Fortier, where I obtained my tourism certificate in 2015. Since then, I have been involved with tourism and have been designing unique itineraries to Central Europe. This region, with its diverse landscapes, rich history, and unique culture, is my passion and main focus of interest. My goal is to help North-Americans discover it.

Honored associate professor, sociologist at University of Pécs, founder of Zala Wineroute, our professional wine consultant

Wine consultant, Weinakademie Österreich WSET – for 15 years

I have been in wine tourism in English and French