“The purpose of our lives is to be happy.” (Dalai Lama)

Our guests never spill wine, they drink it with relish. They are not experts but wine-lovers. They expect a delicious meal with it, beautiful environment and timeless memories.

Our guests enjoy and know wine, the culture that surrounds it, its characteristics; they approach it with curiosity and expert eyes (taste buds), for them each excellent new wine is a first date: delicate approach, first experiences, poetical fulfilment.

Our ideal guests are interested in the wine-growing area, the ”terroir”, the climate conditions as well as the authentic or selected species, the local wine-making traditions and the hard work of the wine-growers, their personal stories.

Our guests also taste the local delicacies with pleasure, look around in the vineyard, listen to the local traditions, legends.

They are interested in the aura of the wine and the place, they are also open to any valuable experiences, let it be a nearby castle or palace, a lookout tower, a handicraftsman or a historical wine cellar, an old church or a typical part of a town. They demand some kinds of activity: driving along in a cart, shipping, a sailing trip or even riding on a rail-car, thermal bathing, or cooking in a cauldron.

Our guests are not lonely: they travel along with people of their breed, their club members to gain more common social experiences: they are real hedonists, experience hunters. They know and admit the value of things: they are value hunters as well. 
We are counting on such guests with our home page, which we set up in order to popularize the European wines and wineries, to make the best wine-touristic offers well-known.

It is not our hidden goal either to present an up-to-date, live offer circle in addition to the static, never complete offers that can be found in guide books, which could direct those people who are interested, as well as motivates wine-growers and increases the number of guests.

All in all, we offer such a substantial leap forward, which, at the same time, is an international forum as well, due to which new experiences can be gained or exchanged, connections can be built on for further development.

With a quarter of a century experience we welcome those wineries with large touristic offer, who would like to introduce themselves in front of international public as well as programme masters who are looking for similar forums.

We are convinced that practically, for the price of a newspaper advertisement, we offer the possibility of a useful introduction that yields results as well as a European, international forum.

The price of the appearance is 200 €, which assures an annual presence for the registered person. We guarantee a page for each offer in the following uniform way:
The introduction, the same text, in two languages: English + mother tongue, each of them not more than1 000 characters with spaces. We ask for each offer two attractive, characteristic photos attached to the text as well + a road map (in case you offer a tour).

Please let us know the title of your text as well as your attainability /address, e-mail address, telephone number/ for further information and contact.
The total amount of the profit generated by the home page belongs to the advertiser.

We are looking forward to your messages to subsection NEWS / your photos related to wine tourism, events, news: e.g. programmes, festivals, results of wine competitions, etc./ 
In subsection FORUM we are looking forward to your opinion, your advertisements connected to networking; we would appreciate your feedback on efficiency or pictures you considered to be useful as well.